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We will keep .sh for now.

Vanilla Linux CHANGES

Vanilla Linux current

### 2019-08-28

All dependencies are no longer specified with their full origins, this is
because `vpk` and future `vpod` tool operate on a repository URL using source
packages rather than the Mercurial repository.

### 2019-08-12

The Xfce desktop has been upgraded to 4.14, it no longer requires Gtk 2 and
support for this toolkit has been explicitly disabled. For consistency purposes,
deprecated packages that have not been updated for the 4.14 release were
removed. This includes orage and gtk-xfce-engine.

### 2019-07-19

OpenSSL has been replaced by LibreSSL.

### 2019-04-10

Vanilla does not follow FHS anymore, /usr directory has been removed, /bin and
/sbin have been merged.

Compatibility symlinks have been created from /sbin to /bin and from /usr to /.

Vanilla Linux 0.1.0 2019-04-01

First release with basic core support.