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dev/llvm: cleanup FHS on CMake files

1 Vanilla Linux
2 =============
4 Welcome to the Vanilla Linux source tree. This directory contains scripts to
5 build precompiled packages for Vanilla Linux.
7 This source tree is usually only required for Vanilla Linux development, end
8 users who just want to rebuild binary packages should use `vpk` and rebuild
9 source package from the repository.
11 Usage
12 =====
14 To build a script, go to the desired directory and use `vpk build`.
16 Example with zlib:
18 $ cd compression/zlib
19 $ vpk download
20 $ vpk build
22 Then if build succeeded, you may install the package in /tmp/vpk/pkg.
24 $ vpk add /tmp/vpk/zlib*.txz
26 Options
27 =======
29 Check the variable *PKGOPTIONS* in the build script file, if there is one it
30 means the package is configurable with options.
32 Specify environment variables before calling `vpk build`.
34 Example:
36 $ PULSEAUDIO=no vpk build
38 Note: boolean options are set using *no* and *yes* (case sensitive).