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lib: make sure nobody use conn.h
author David Demelier <>
date Sat, 05 Aug 2023 22:31:53 +0200
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This document is a small guide to help you migrating to a next major version.

Migrating from 3.x to 4.x


- The `irccd.conf` is now using a custom syntax.
- There are no longer TCP/IP transports. SSL support for transports has been
  removed too. Only clear UNIX socket are available, use file permissions
  instead of a password.


- There is no longer configuration file because it now use a plain UNIX socket
  to */tmp/irccd.sock* by default (may be changed through the `-s` option).
- Aliases have been removed, please use shell scripts or aliases instead.
- The `watch` command no longer produce JSON output but only the original
  "human" format but may be used for scripts as it is honored through the
  semantic versioning.
- The command `rule-info` has been removed because it is mostly the same as
- The command `server-mode` signature has changed because it was mostly unusable

Platform support

Windows support is now completely obsolescent because the code make excessive
use of POSIX APIs.

Network API

The network protocol no longer uses JSON but a plain text syntax with one line
per command.


    SERVER-MESSAGE freenode #staff hello world

Javascript API

### Module Irccd

- The property `Irccd.version` and their properties have been renamed to
  `CamelCase` for consistency with other constants from other modules.

### Module File

- The method `File.readline` is no longer marked as slow.
- Methods `File.lines`, ``, `File.readline` and ``,  now throw
  an exception if the file was closed.

### Module Chrono

- The `Chrono.elapsed()` method is now a property named `elapsed`.
- All methods have been removed except `Chrono.reset`.

### Module Util

- The method `Util.ticks` as been removed.
- The method `Util.cut` now throws a `RangeError` exception if the number of
  lines exceed `maxl` argument instead of returning null.

### Module Server

- The property `channels` in the object returned from `` is now an
  array of objects which also contain a list of nicknames present in the
- The property `channels` in the object for the `Server` constructor now takes
  an array of objects containing two properties each: `name` and `password`
  which must be string (password is optional).
- The property `commandChar` which is provided in both the `Server` constructor
  and the `` returned object has been renamed to `prefix`.
- The event `onMode` now takes four arguments: server, channel, mode and list
  of arguments to the mode. The previous signature was mostly unusable.
- The method `Server.mode` has a different signature because it was mostly



- Due to the `onMode` change the template `mode` no longer takes `limit`,
  `user` and `mask` but a string `args` instead.

Migrating from 2.x to 3.x


- Long options have been removed.
- The option `reconnect-tries` has been removed from `[server]` section, use
  `auto-reconnect` boolean option instead,
- The option `reconnect-timeout` has been renamed to `auto-reconnect-delay`.
- The section `[identity]` has been removed, instead move those values inside
  each server in their `[server]` section.
- The section `[format]` and their respective plugin counterparts are renamed to


- Long options have been removed.
- The functions `server-cnotice` and `server-cmode` have been removed, use
  `server-notice` and `server-mode` instead,
- The option `` has been renamed to `connect.hostname`,
- The output style has been unified,
- Options `-S` in server-connect have been removed, also
  the port option is now specified with `-p` instead of a positional argument.
- Connection options are now order dependant and must be set before the command


### Logger

- The keyword `source` has been removed and replaced by `channel`,
- The keyword `origin` has been added,
- Formats `cnotice`, `cmode`, `query` have been removed.
- The option `path` has been renamed to `file`.

Network API

- The requests `server-cnotice` and `server-cmode` have been removed, use
  `server-notice` and `server-mode` instead,
- The request `server-mode` command requires a new argument `channel`.
- The property `host` in request `server-connect` has been renamed to
- The request `server-info` sends `hostname` property instead of `host`,
- The event `onWhois` sends `hostname` property instead of `host`,

CMake options

- All options are now starting with `IRCCD_` for better compatibility with
  external projects,
- CMake now use GNUInstallDirs module to specify installation paths, all
  IRCCD\_WITH\_ options have been replaced by CMAKE\_INSTALL\_ equivalents.


- The default plugins path has been changed from **share/irccd/plugins** to

Javascript API

### Events

- The events `onChannelMode` and `onChannelNotice` have been removed, plugins
  must use `Server.isSelf(target)` to determine a channel/private message,
- The event `onNotice` takes a new `channel` argument,
- The event `onMode` takes new `channel`, `limit`, `user`, `mask` arguments,
- The object information in `onWhois` event now has `hostname` property instead
  of `host`.

### Module Chrono

- The module `ElapsedTimer` has been renamed to `Chrono`,
- The method `Chrono.restart` has been renamed to `Chrono.resume` to reduce
- The method `Chrono.reset` has been removed, just use `Chrono.start` instead
  when you want to start accumulate time again.

### Module Directory

- The property `Directory.count` has been removed.

### Module Server

- The methods `Server.cmode` and `Server.cnotice` have been removed, use
  `Server.mode` and `Server.notice` instead,
- The method `Server.mode` requires a new argument `channel`,
- The object returned in the method `` now has a `hostname` property
  instead of `host`.
- The property `host` in constructor `Server` has been renamed to
- The property `sslVerify` in `Server` constructor has been removed.

### Module Plugin

The following properties in `Irccd.Plugin` has been renamed:

- **cachePath** renamed to **paths.cache**,
- **configPath** renamed to **paths.config**,
- **dataPath** renamed to ****.

Note: these paths are no more automatically detected and set with the new
      `[paths]` and `[paths.<name>]` sections.

### Module Server

- The property `host` in the function `Irccd.Server` has been renamed to

### Module System

- The function `` has now well defined return value.