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author David Demelier <>
date Thu, 04 Jan 2024 10:42:26 +0100
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Minimalist dynamic string library for C99.


See the `libbuf.3` manual page for an overview.


The code itself is compatible with any compiler that provides C99 support at
least but should also support the POSIX `ENOMEM` constant. If not present on
your system you should never check global `errno` value while using this

It was tested on:

- MinGW-w64,
- Visual Studio 2019,
- macOS Catalina (10.15.7),
- Linux (musl, glibc),
- FreeBSD,
- OpenBSD,
- NetBSD.

API compatibility

The library follows strictly [semantic versioning][semver].


### Why another library?

Sure there are a lot of string management libraries out there but I wanted a
very minimal one that does not include fancy things like trim, split, tokenizer
and such. This library only exposes 13 functions to the user which should be

At the time of writing it's also less than 350 lines of code.

Also, I wanted a library easy to embed everywhere without a complicated build
process. This library can be bundled in your project by just copying buf.c and
buf.h without any modification.

### Why not using `open_memstream`?

It's a POSIX function that is not available on every operating system, but if
you don't care about portability you can obviously stick with it.


David Demelier <>